Queenly Budget

For over 10 years I have competed in pageants across the country. As I have said countless time "pageantry is an expensive sport!" Many would say you have to spend big bucks to win but I haven't always agreed with those sentiments. When I started pageantry I couldn't always afford the designer gowns or even the designer clothes, soooooo I had to be creative and think outside the box but, still be fabulous. I realize that there are many queens who are in my shoes! We have Sak's Taste but Charlotte Russe bank accounts! Right along with believing in "World Peace" I believe we all deserve to feel like a queen regardless of our bank accounts! Each week I'll release photos on how I shopped on a budget and where you can create similar looks!  Be sure to subscribe for my next blog.

Top: Fashion House *Houston Based Store*

Skirt: Agaci

Necklace: Aldo